Picking the Perfect Beers for Your Brewery

As an aspiring craft brewery owner, one of the most important things you need to do outside of securing financing, developing a brand, and finding a physical building is choosing the correct beers to brew for your target customer. Here at My Beer Brand, we work closely with each of our clients to identify target consumer characteristics throughout the brand development process that will be able to be referenced for many critical business decisions including what should be filling all of those new shiny stainless steel fermenters. Based on our work with current and past clients we would like to share five important questions you should be asking yourself when developing your beer menu.

  1. Learn about what your target customer and demographic is drinking today. What makes them consume a particular beer over another?

  2. Spend time researching the history of brewing in your local area, state, and region. Many of the same people that originally settled in your area most likely have a history with a particular type or style of beer. Get to know this history and make some friends along the way.

  3. Work with a consulting company like My Beer Brand who can introduce you personally to brewers and breweries that currently brew specific types of beers you are looking to include on your menu. We can work closely with you and our industry professionals to refine or create unique beer recipes that can be tailored to your target customer.

  4. Host a tasting panel, informal gathering or focus group. Our staff thoroughly enjoys designing and conducting these types of events for clients as we are always surprised at how candid and honest people are about the beer they drink and what they would like to see being offered at a local craft brewery.

  5. Curate a balance list of beers. Not everyone who walks through your brewery doors will only like a strong IPA. Make sure that your entire customer base is satisfied with an offering of several different beer styles. Remember to include a balanced offering of seasonal and special release beers to form a following and continue to attract interest in your brand and brewery for years to come.