Martin Sawinski
Creative Director

Proudly hailing from Duluth, Minnesota, a burgeoning beer city on the pristine shores of Lake Superior, Martin aims to make a difference through his creative solutions, strategy, and visionary direction. As creative director and strategist he gets to flex his creative genius and help craft unique and engaging campaigns, and oversee marketing strategy for growing craft brands.

Prior to joining My Beer Brand, Martin founded and operated his own agency for 12 years leading projects for clients around the globe and served as account manager, project manager, strategist, and his favorite role as creative director. He excels in overseeing the creative process from concept to completion. Martin now brings this dedication and creativity to all My Beer Brand clients. Oh, and if it isn’t obvious enough by his role at My Beer Brand, Martin likes beer— so much so that he brews his own and even scored a beer-for-life arrangement with a brewery in his neighborhood.

Martin is proud to hold membership in the following organizations.

Andy Schaefer
Senior Business Consultant

With over a decade of proven success in the highly competitive landscape of beer wholesale throughout the Midwest, Andy Schaefer brings a wealth of knowledge to the craft beer industry, with a focus on brand development and marketing.

As a home brewer himself, Andy understands the passion his fellow brewers have for their craft.  His favorite thing about beer is the varieties of style...but more importantly, the individual interpretations each brewery brings to those styles.  For that reason, he believes there may never be enough craft beer options in the U.S.

When he's not making wort with friends, you might find Andy on the golf course.  Having recently relocated to Portland, OR you may catch him playing in the snow on Mount Hood, or chasing his dog up and down the Oregon Coast with his family. Typically, with a craft beer not far out of reach.

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Jenni Mastal Adams, MS
Business Consultant

With over two decades of experience in the service industry and craft beer, Jenni Mastal Adams brings a wealth of knowledge to the craft beer industry, with a focus on brand development, the creation and implementation of business growth plans, as well as extensive experience in training, assessments, and evaluations as it related to breweries and brewery employees. Originally from Michigan, Jenni now calls Florida her home and has quickly entrenched herself into the local and regional craft beer scene. As a lover of craft beer herself, Jenni understands the passion both consumers and employees have for their beer. Jenni enjoys the study of craft beer and people so much she had made it her personal mission to teach and learn about the attitudes consumers have towards locally crafted beers versus imported or large domestic beer brands.

When Jenni is not working to better craft breweries, you can find her working to finalize her dissertation, Adams, J. (2018) Pristess to Witch: A Multivariate Analysis of Variance on the Quality of Work Life and Empowerment among Brewery Employees (unpublished doctoral dissertation) University of Phoenix, United States as well as spending time with her husband exploring the many beautiful places across the western gulf coast of Florida.

Jenni is proud to hold membership and certification from these fine organizations.