Keeping and Maintaining a Loyal Customer

As a craft brewery owner, you may find yourself overwhelmed and bombarded by daily deal salesmen, mass mailbox couponing vendors and several others looking to help grow your initial or existing customer base. With limited funds and time, you can find a successful path that will lead you to acquiring, nurturing and rewarding your new and returning customers.

One of the most popular ways to do this is to use the information you already have about your customer and their purchasing habits. Many times this information is already stored in your point-of-sale (POS) system for easy harvesting and analysis. A quick search through your POS backend will hopefully reward you with some very interesting information including:

  • Who your customer is

  • Their age and sex

  • Frequency of their visits

  • Average spend per visit

  • What they purchased

Armed with this information you can organize promotions and special discounts for your customers based on a number of different factors including what they purchased when they came in and how much they typically spend. Additionally, special invitation only events can be created and implemented to bring in consistent traffic to your brewery.

Here at My Beer Brand, we work with several loyalty program vendors to provide the best solution for our clients and their customers. We have already seen increases in our clients business after implementing a loyalty program along with a higher satisfaction rate from their growing loyal customers.