Branding & Design

Brand & Logo Design
Who is your brew? What does it look like? How would you describe it’s personality? If you were at a party, would your beer be somebody we’d want to have a conversation with? Not sure how to answer those questions? That’s ok, it just means your beer needs to figure out it’s brand identity. We offer complete branding and logo design services for your craft brewing venture. Looking to refresh a brand’s already existing look and feel? We do that too. In either case, here’s how we break it down:

Insights Phase: To understand your brand-to-be, we need to learn about you, the products you produce, your current customers and the customers you’re hoping to reach in the future.

Advanced Insights Phase (Optional): If more insights are needed, we look to the public at large, designing and conducting custom focus group sessions to gain first-person insight and feedback.

Strategy Phase: With a rock-solid foundation of facts, feedback, and strategic business recommendations, we can form your brand’s plan of attack, working with some of the best creative strategists in the industry to conceptualize the big, brew-tiful idea behind your brew brand-to-be.

Creative Phase: Now, it’s time to bring your brand to life. Throughout this process, you’re involved at every step to ensure we are bringing brand identity and design that accurately reflects your vision. And, this process can be scaled up or down based on your budget and time restraints.

Additional Brand & Design Services

Design & Production

Bottles, cans, boxes for bottles, boxes for the get the picture...and ironically, a picture can go on your packaging too.

Design & Production

We design, source and produce one-of-a-kind apparel. Hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, bottle openers and coasters...basically anything your grandmother would be proud to wear or drink out of.

Design & Production

From tulips to pints to tasters to growlers, we customize your every glass-crafted need including a continuous supply for your bar, taproom and store.